Our executive team is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations, building a great team of employees and delivering financial results for our shareholders. With outstanding leadership skills, sound experience, deep expertise and diverse backgrounds, our leaders are paving the way to success.

Tony Thomas
President & Chief Executive Officer
Bob Gunderman
Chief Financial Officer
John Fletcher
Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources and Legal Officer
Lewis Langston
Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Layne Levine
President, Enterprise
Mike Shippey
President – Wholesale
Jeff Small
President – ILEC Consumer, Small and Medium-Sized Business
Drew Smith
President – CLEC Consumer, Small and Medium-Sized Business
Joe Harding
Executive Vice President and Enterprise Chief Marketing Officer
Jeff Howe
Executive Vice President – Enterprise Sales
John Dobbins
Chief Network Officer
Eric Einhorn
Senior Vice President – Government Affairs
Christie Grumbos
Senior Vice President & Treasurer
Kristi Moody
Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary
Kevin Halpin
Senior Vice President –Process Development and Project Management
John Eichler
Vice President and Controller
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