Windstream introduces fiber optics to the home

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Oct 26, 2006

Windstream introduces fiber optics to the home

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - Windstream Communications is introducing Fiber-to-the-Home technology in new housing construction that will enable ultra-fast broadband connections and an expanding future selection of communication and entertainment services.

Windstream, the largest voice, broadband and digital TV services provider focused on rural America, is working with local real estate developers and builders to install fiber optic lines into homes under construction - or planned - across most of the company’s 16-state service territory.

Fiber technology sends light pulsing at ultra high speeds over glass fiber strands that transmit high-quality and massive amounts of information over long distances.

"Fiber-to-the-Home will become the standard - especially in new homes - for how people retrieve and use information and entertainment services," said Frank Schueneman, senior vice president of network services for Windstream. "Fiber optic cable paves the way for the delivery of services such as streaming video and entertainment downloads at incredible speeds. We are among the first to offer fiber in some areas, thanks to local developers who helped us make it happen."

While initially Windstream is delivering broadband speeds up to 6Mbps over fiber for $39.95 per month, the company plans to double the speeds. Other current options are 1.5Mbps for $24.95 and 3Mbps for $29.95 per month. These prices apply when bundled with other Windstream voice or video services.

Customers who subscribe to one year of Windstream Broadband via Fiber service will receive a free wireless router delivered with the hardware and software to self-install the service.

"With a wireless router, customers can take their computer anywhere in the house and maintain a high-speed Internet connection," Schueneman said.

For more information, call 1-888-925-5835 or visit for details on qualifying for broadband service.

About Windstream

Windstream Corporation (NYSE: WIN) provides voice, broadband and entertainment services to customers in 16 states. The company has approximately 3.3 million access lines and about $3.2 billion in annual revenues. For more information, visit

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